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Welcome to Mowgli

Mowgli is an award winning, UK-headquartered mentoring organisation founded to support the sustainable development of societies through the mentoring and evolution of entrepreneurs and leaders.

What we do

Mowgli provides mentoring that inspires, connects and guides entrepreneurs and leaders to overcome life's personal and business challenges.

Karam Design, Lebanon
"The opportunity to create long-lasting relationships between mentor and mentee was the “golden nugget” of the mentorship program" Derek Thomas
Loulou Ltd, UK
"I am learning so much from [my mentor] and he makes me want to succeed even more. He gives me a verbal push – helping me with prioritisation and giving me confidence in decision-making”
Sport Evasion, Lebanon
“I believe that having a mentor has helped me achieve the things that I wouldn’t have been capable of achieving otherwise”
Beyond Reform & Development Irada, Lebanon
“My advice though: It’s free, but the value is there for you- as much as mentor and mentees commit themselves too, you will get the value back that you put in.”
Stubbs Rich LLP, UK
“Through understanding the value you can bring to another business, you see the value you bring to your own business more clearly.”
Green Café at Cecil Sharp House, UK
“I listen more and more effectively. I’m more sympathetic and empathetic. I’m much more focused. I put it down to what I’ve learnt through Mowgli”

Latest News

Mowgli Entrepreneur and Founder of Wuzzuf, Ameer Sherif, Secures Egypt’s Largest Funding Round, Led By European VCs
Mowgli Foundation Appoints New Trustees to Board

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