Why Mentoring?


What is Mentoring?

Mowgli defines mentoring as having someone who tells you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. 

Mowgli sees a Mentor as someone who stands beside you in a shoulder-to-shoulder relationship and works with you to empower you to achieve your potential by developing your own leadership, thought processes and decision-making capabilities.  They do this by acting as a listener, friend, mirror and objective sounding board.  They don’t tell you what to do but empower you with hope, aspiration, motivation and true support.

Mowgli Mentoring Impact

We are an impact driven organization that focuses on achieving impact in 3 key and synergistic areas:

  • Personal growth and strengthening of leadership
  • Business growth, sustainability and success
  • Economic growth, job creation and safeguarding

By focusing on the strengthening of the entrepreneur’s potential and core spirit (resilience, motivation and confidence), interferences that prevent him/her from making informed decisions, stepping outside of their comfort zones, staying motivated and thereby being successful are addressed.

It is through this personal growth and strengthening of leadership that more successful and sustainable businesses are created and grown, leading to increases in economic growth and employment generation.

Mentoring Benefits

Entrepreneurs who participate in the mentoring programs benefit both personally and professionally, and as a result, greatly affect the economies in the countries that they operate in.

Program Benefits for Entrepreneurs

You will learn about the philosophies, principles and value of mentoring, connect with other budding entrepreneurs and be matched with a trained mentor who will support you in increasing your chances of sustainable growth and success, on both a personal and business level.

Find out more about the transformational benefits that you can experience

Program Benefits for Mentors

It is central to Mowgli’s philosophy that our mentors gain as much value as those they mentor. 

As mentors, you too will learn about philosophies, principles and value of mentoring and what it truly means to be of service to others. You will connect with other business leaders, will develop the skills that underpin all great mentors and will be given the tools to help you structure the working relationship with the entrepreneur,

Find out more about the transformational benefits that you can experience

For more info, please contact: info@mowgli.org.uk

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