Mentor Training Program


Mowgli’s vision is focused on the development of societies through the mentoring and evolution of entrepreneurs and leaders. Based upon our MME syllabus, a Mentor Training Program has been designed specifically to train corporate, executive, youth, entrepreneurial and government leaders as mentors to serve their direct beneficiaries and pass on the benefits of mentoring to others.

This 6-month program is delivered in 4 phases:

1. Mentoring Awareness Sessions to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of mentoring and provide information about the program to encourage participant applications

2. Program specific mentor sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and selection

3. 2-day Kickstart workshop - an intensive and highly interactive and experiential workshop where mentors are able to explore and understand the possibility and potential of mentoring, appreciate the foundations of great mentorship, develop the skills that underpin all great mentors and give them tools that can help structure the working relationship with those they seek to support

4. ½ day Refresher Session to enable the trained mentors to solidify and embed their learning, receive coaching and mentoring on any challenges they have been facing when using their newly gained mentoring skillset, and have the opportunity to learn new mentoring skills so as to increase the adoption/ implementation rate for long term sustainability

Mentoring Program Duration: 6 Months 

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