Success Story - Ramzi Qaqish (TEKLABZ)

TEKLABZ develops and implements Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for businesses. Their vision is to empower the GIS technologies within Service Providers, with a mission to enable GIS for better information management, flow-through, and visualization


  • To develop a long-term business strategy and grow the business
  • Increase his confidence in business acumen and decision-making 


  • Participated and completed the 1-year Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME) program
  • Committed to the program and continued the mentoring relationship with his Mowgli Mentor, Phil ingle through regular contact and stayed in touch after the program


  • Addressed personal doubts about the direction the business was taking
  • Gained practical and emotional support to realise his goals
  • Expanded the business' product line/product offering
  • Business is more financially secure
  • Business has expanded into 5 new countries
  • Employed 4 more members of staff
  • Awards: All World - Arabia 500 Finalist in 2011 and 2012, Jordan Fast Growth 30 Finalist in 2011
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Front Page Quote: 
“I’m really happy with Phil, he was there for me consistently throughout the whole year, and he was always available to talk about my plans and objectives. "

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