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Single female CEO: Overcoming the challenges to optimize the opportunity, Kathleen Bury, Mowgli CEO

As women are becoming more career focused, we are seeing a growing number of single women taking on executive and/or leadership positions.

What I know about mentoring, Kathleen Bury, Mowgli CEO

Despite having alumni spread across 14 countries the UK-based foundation Mowgli is still having to work very hard to get people to understand the importance of mentoring. Their recently report Nurturing Human Capital: the missing piece of MENA’s entrepreneurship puzzle highlighted the imbalance in the Middle East’s ecosystem. As CEO of the mentorship network Kathleen Bury has been working in the region and encouraging holistic relationships between entrepreneurs just starting out and experienced business minds. “If you don’t have somewhere to offload and get support it can be a very l

What’s Holding Back Entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa?

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has had its fair share of economic challenges over the last few years. The Arab Spring’s political unrest has brought even more economic woes to countries still reeling from the global financial crisis, leading to the mass migration into Europe that we are seeing today. Add high unemployment rates, especially among Arab youth, and the region’s economic challenges might seem insurmountable. The source of these challenges is primarily a lack of opportunity.

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