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Why Mowgli Mentoring was created?

Established in 2008 to support the Middle East and North Africa region in reaching its ’80-100m jobs by 2020’ goal, Mowgli Mentoring was founded by Tony Bury, a serial entrepreneur who had spent over 40 years in the MENA region, to catalyze the support and development of successful and sustainable entrepreneurship in the region. Mowgli also focuses on the development of leadership and supporting entrepreneurship ecosystems as a critical solution to the region’s unemployment, poverty and economic challenges.

Upon reflection of his own multiple entrepreneurial journeys, Tony realised that one of the main factors behind his success was the continuous development of his human capacity and the role that his mentors played in shaping him as an entrepreneur, father, husband, friend and mentor.

It was upon this realisation that Mowgli’s mission was formed, which is for every entrepreneur to be matched and supported by at least one trained and capable mentor and for a long term trust based relationship to be developed. From that point, once someone has experienced the true benefits and joy of mentoring, we believe that they will go on to mentor others, changing societies and leadership development models with the ‘to Serve is to Lead’ principle at its core.

Why we called ourselves Mowgli

Given Tony’s personal experience, the origin of Mowgli’s name was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s story, The Jungle Book. In the story, a boy called Mowgli, who was lost by his parents in the Indian jungle, was brought up in the jungle by a number of different mentors:

  • A wolf called Akela embraced him into the wolf pack and defended him in a number of battles
  • A bear called Baloo taught him the law of the jungle and gave him a few hard truths
  • A black panther called Bagheera accompanied Mowgli on many adventures and acted as his protector
  • An elephant called Hathi represented order, dignity and obedience within the law of the jungle
  • A rock python called Kaa would often search his long memory and wisdom for a strategy to help Mowgli defeat the enemy

After surviving a number of battles, protecting his wolf family from an immense threat and dealing with the challenges associated with growing up in the jungle, Mowgli had to make a tough decision; whether to join his fellow humans, including his mother, or remain in the jungle with his mentors.

Wonder what would have happened to him if he didn’t have his mentors around him?

What we do

Mowgli Mentoring’s methodology supports long-term professional and personal development. Our volunteer mentors are trained to listen, guide and inspire. Mentors themselves testify as to how the mentoring process also helps their own development. We systematically match mentors with mentees, and provide structured support as they co-develop long-term, trust-based relationships. Our approach is a practical and sustainable way of developing human capital to the benefit of the whole community.

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Where we are today

Over the past decade Mowgli has worked with philanthropists, and local and international governmental and private sector partners to provide mentoring across 17 countries in the Middle East, North Africa as well as the UK.  We have trained more than a thousand mentors who have supported entrepreneurs from all sectors. They create and safeguard jobs, producing a significant economic and social return on investment. We are now also expanding our operations across Africa, and in addition to remaining focused on entrepreneurs and corporate employees, we will have an increased focus on women and youth as key additional beneficiaries of our programs.

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How we’ve been recognized

Since 2008, Mowgli has achieved a number of awards and milestones:

  • 2016 - The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) awarded the European Quality Award (EQA) to Mowgli for its Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME) program syllabus and structure
  • 2016 – The Employment Generation Award by Ta’atheer Social Impact Awards for its employment generation impact
  • 2015 – UK DFID gave Mowgli and its project partners an A rating for the 2-year “Forsa” project which was funded by the G8 Deauville Partnership Fund, under the UK Presidency
  • 2012 - Mowgli received the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders Award for the 'Best Mentor Network in the Arab Region’

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Safaricom Partners with Mowgli Mentoring to Bridge Gender Diversity Gap
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